I’m alone in this world
And a fucked-up world it is too
Tell me, tell me the story
The one about eternity
And the way it’s all gonna be
Wake Up, Wake Up Dead Man
Listen to the words they´ll tell you what to do
Listen over the rhythm that´s confusing you
Listen to the reed in the saxophone
Listen over the hum of the radio
Listen over the sound of blades in rotation
Listen through the traffic and circulation
Listen as hope and peace try to rhyme
Listen over marching bands playing out their time

pradžios. kiek jų yra. malonaus reikalo pradžia. blogai pasibaigsiančio dalyko pradžia. pabaigos pradžia. neišvengiamybės pradžia. pradžia, kurios nekenti. pradžia, kurios lauki. Take your places, choose your sins / Everyone loses, noone wins / I have seen the future and this is how it begins.

wake up, wake up dead man.