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2013.05.19, 22:08

(this is the final part of a very inspired rant, dėl visiško susigaudymo prašom pradėti nuo pirmos dalies)

The exhibition will present the iconic buildings through photographs expressing the authenticity
of Lithuanian architecture same time introducing the specific projectuality of historical shifts in
its modern history.

What iconic buildings, exactly? You think Palace of Civil Unions is iconic? Or some unused and, I am sorry, pretty atrocious sanatorium by the sea, made of disproportional cylinders? Or Kalniečiai shopping center, made with such love, that it immediately became unusable for its complication, because architect liked himself a lot and managed some workarounds of the system. There‘s no doubt we could find some valuable buildings, but they are not legion and can hardly be used as defining the era. Because when you have state controlled resources, planning and politics, and here I am repeating myself, you will never build as freely or creatively as in free environment.

Lastly, the implications of such an exhibition.

Short summary: what are you trying to achieve with this particular point of view, represented by this exhibition?

I guess, we should be trying to promote our country, emphasize its good points, achieve some sort of international recognition for our architecture and art. So how the fuck come you took most alien infested and influenced period of our development and made it exemplary? Instead of choosing, e.g., pre-war architecture or something? Or current achievements in last 20 years?
If you are going to Ministry of Culture and trying to get funding for such a project, you should not be exactly surprised if project would be rejected - in these times, one unfavourable mention in Delfi.lt about how Ministry of Culture is handing out money to promote Soviet nostalgia, would kill whole election campaign.


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